Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The exact day Sanders truly understood his mom

I was talking to the younger boys about Disneyland and all that is magical concerning that blessed place.

"And we will go to Mickey's actual house and give him a hug! And we will go on rides like we do at Lagoon! *insert HUGE grin from Sanders* And we will have our Mickey ears on..."

Tennyson piped in, "But Sanders doesn't have Mickey ears. "

"And Sanders will get his very. own. Mickey ears.....and mom will cry!"

"Why mom?" asked Tennyson.

"Oh because when I am REALLY happy sometimes, most times, I cry."

To which Sanders summed up, "Mom, you cry? You cry like a baby?"

"Yes, Buddy, yes I do."

At least he won't be shocked when it happens.