Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving day two

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom and that side of the family today.

The food was great and EVERYONE was there!YAY! The Lawsons were able to make it. The kids were in cousin heaven.

We even got to do a first run for family pictures with the new duds Grandma Candace got the kids.

The color scheme will be a bit different, but the black, white and gray are fantastic.

We also FINALLY finished decorating the tree this morning! The kids were SO excited. I told them we would start decorating at 8:05. That meant we heard this the rest of the morning, " OK! It's 8:02! Now it's 8:03!..."

Complete with "Christmas" morning hair and everything!

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April Weeks said...

I really love all your outfits. Those pictures turned out nice. Still haven't seen the ones we took.