Sunday, November 20, 2011


Time Out For Women was perfect for me. There were a few talks that spoke right to me, but mostly I had ideas pop into my head that had nothing to do with the topic of the speaker and everything to do with a question I had been pondering.

I think I will break up all I learned into a few posts. I wish I was able to truly convey all I feel I've learned, but, well really it comes down to me being unwilling to take the time. The time to really write down what I learned would equate to a book...literally and right now I'm going to focus on one big project at a time. I'm hoping that as time goes on each of these areas will be interwoven so much in my life that I will in essence share little by little just how much I learned.

One of the favorite things said during the weekend was said by Brad Wilcox, "God's delays are NOT denials. " I'm sure you can guess why this would strike a chord with me.

Even though I knew this principle before it is so comforting to hear it again and be reminded of it's truthfulness. God's reasons for delays may never be known, but that's not the point. The point is what we do during the delay. We need to continue to work and study and most importantly have faith.

Hilary Weeks shared a little project she started early this year that I will be incorporating into my life. She said that every morning, during her prayers, she asks Heavenly Father what the MOST important thing was to accomplish that day. Often it was something simple, an email, a note, etc. but time and time again she noticed the small things making the biggest difference.

That alone will completely change my self focused tendencies to an outward searching to help. Only good can come of it.

OK, tomorrow I will focus on the things that I felt inspired to implement into my children's lives.