Friday, March 1, 2013

Vacuum lines

Most of the basement of our home is what we call the Kid Level. Adults just don't have much of a reason to head down there. The kids kind of like the free reign.

Oh, I go into the children's rooms, but don't often venture to the play room which is on the opposite end of the house. I can avoid seeing it at all if I just stay to the right when I hit the bottom of the stairs.

 Consequently it is nearly always a disaster. Even when I put my foot down and tell them they absolutely MUST clean the playroom, I find they shove whatever toy they begrudgingly have in their hand into whatever container is nearest to them.

Today my mom dug us out. She emptied every. single. box! We then put things where they belonged. She worked for about 3 hours without me (I had some afternoon plans), then we worked for 2 hours together and then I worked another 2 hours alone...on one room. JUST putting things in order.

But the good news is there are vacuum limes!

I forget how much I love those things.

AND it's all been dusted!

Also, my children are blessed with far too many toys and I believe that problem will be fixed next week. Time to purge!

Thank you for all your work mom! I truly would not have gotten it done without you.


April Weeks said...

I still get to do the game closet right? You didn't get that done did you? That's one of my favorites. and the room does look very nice.

Danica said...

What are vacuum limes? I've never heard of those.