Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pause to readjust

Today was wonderful. I was early to every appointment. The T.V. segment went well. I didn't get to say everything I wanted, BUT I didn't say anything I wish I hadn't ;)

Then I came home and volunteered in Beckham's class and dropped the two little boys off at my awesome friend, Nicki's, house. That was SUCH a blessing.

I spent my kid free time preparing to teach the Young Men and Young Women an Etiquette dinner. I was even on time for that! Amazing!

The etiquette dinner went really well. The kids had great questions and did a good job trying to correct some of their habits they didn't know they shouldn't have ;)

Now, I am gearing up for tomorrow. PYP is part of the Scrapbook USA expo this weekend. I'm in charge of organizing and helping with the booth set up and then doing some expo shifts on Friday on Saturday. It will be really cute.

I would look forward to resting on Sunday, but I teach the lesson in YWs. ;)

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April Weeks said...

WOW! talk about "when it rains, it pours!"