Friday, March 22, 2013

First pine wood derby

Beckham had his first pine wood derby tonight. He named his car Destroyer. The organizers did an amazing job. They had music and flashing lights and a spot light and introduced each boy and their car as they raced through the "tunnel" (from the foyer to the gym with streams in the doorway). The boys loved  it!

Grandpa Jim guided Beckham, with Kevin, as he bought his car. Grandpa Jim left the country before the derby so Beckham wrote him an email all about it. He typed it himself without any help.

Here's Beckham's report on tonight's Pinewood Derby:

Hello grandpa, tonight I went to the Pinewood Derby. The first time I raced I came in first. then the next time I came in second and then second and second and second etc;. Then I came in third then second then second then second etc;. Then at the end my friend Matthew came in first out of thirty four. I came in seventh out of 34. My friend Austin came in 8th out of 34. Matthew can clear the track in 3.59 seconds. The second place winner Brenden can do it in 3.75 seconds. some of my friends didn't get to go to the finals. It's o.k though it happens some times. Hope you can come to the next Pinewood Derby.


I didn't know he know the phrase, "etc." He's a great kid. Way to go Beckham!


Skye O. said...

great photos. love the one where beckham is running-a true 8-yr old scout!

Jim and Candace said...

What a fun night! Kevin even set his phone to video chat so Landon, Amy and I could watch it. It was fun getting the play by play.

April Weeks said...

He did a great job! Thanks for letting us be there.