Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fluffy, smooth, fluffy

I didn't post last night. Mostly by choice. Fatigue played a bit into it as well. I like to be involved in a lot of things. My plate is rather full at the moment. I have expressed multiple times lately about feeling unbalanced and giving a little attention to everything, but not enough attention to anything. So last night I gave myself permission to let the blog slide.

It's not that I was doing anything else in particular, but it felt good to not stress about not meeting that expectation. I've always suspected there's a bit of perfectionist in me. It's a talent in some areas, a hindrance in others.

That seems like a good segway into talking about my cat's tail. What? You didn't see it? Believe me, it's perfect.

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago Ferb got something stuck in his tail. Or so we thought. It kind of felt like a barb, but was at a weird angle. We decided to just sit back and see if he could work it out seeing as any attempts made by us where met with extreme resistance.

On Monday I noticed that he had removed all the hair from one spot on his tail and there was an open wound. Time to take him to the vet.

Turns out he had been knawed on by another cat and the barbs that we had felt were actually dried blood in his fur. To get a good look at the wound the vet shaved a band in the middle of his tail.

It is doing much better now. We have to give Ferb an atibiotic, a pill, by mouth twice a day. He loves it as much as you can imagine a cat loving a pill shoved in his mouth.

The kids think Ferb's new tail is hilarious.


Amy said...

I'm with the kids I think the tail looks quite hilarious as well!! Poor ferb!

April Weeks said...

I love it! I think that it is very styling and should be a permanant look for dear Ferbie. Kinda like "get your poodle on"