Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sanders turns 4!

Sanders was so excited to turn 4. I'd ask him the day before if he wanted to stay 3 for a few more days to which he'd inform me, "No. I am done being 3."

He wanted to go swimming as a family. He told me that now he is four he wouldn't need a life jacket any more. He refused to wear it and took a few strokes on his own but mostly just hung on to one of us. Funny kid.

Then we came home and cleaned a bit, decorated his cake, and around 5 I asked Kevin to take the kids out to dinner (McDonalds---Sanders' choice) while I finished cleaning up.

We had our family come over, most of them. Our family is so large that to even get half to an event is a success. We love having so many loved ones near up.

Sanders adored all of his presents and has bounced from one thing to the next all day.

Sanders loves his mom. We do most everything together. He is very good at voicing exactly what he'd like to do or do with me. Which is so helpful! He loves playing with friends, but does not like that his friends have their own opinions. We are working on that ;) He can count really high and knows most of his letters, but all of his letter sounds. I know...backwards!

He is finally starting to write his own name. He has refused to even attempt it up to this point. He loves playing with cars, play dough, football guys, dinosaurs, and coloring.

He is very loving and very, very contrary just for the sake of being so. He knows what he likes and you can't convince him otherwise once he has made his mind up.

He loves being read to and pretends he knows the words as well.

He and Tennyson are the best of bud and get along really well...most of the time ;)

I love Sanders. He is my snuggler. I am so excited to see what he does with this next year!

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