Saturday, March 2, 2013

Half baked

Sanders turned 4 today.

I really want  to give this birthday decent attention and my brain just wants to turn off. So, I'll touch on a few things now and devote more time tomorrow.

Last night, well this morning, around 2:00am I was still awake working on design things. I realized it was close to Sanders' birth time. I crawled into bed with him, cuddled him, whispered how much I loved him in his ear, and thought about the last 4 years. It was boggling to think it had been 4 whole years when it felt like it had gone so quickly. And yet when I tried to think of specific days within those years it felt like an eternity. Time is a funny thing.

My favorite moments from today all revolve around the cake. I was sleeping in a bit, because I had stayed up so late and because I had cleaned so much the day before, when Sanders came bursting into my room saying,

"Dad made my cake! It's your turn to frost it!"

"Dad baked your cake?"

"Yes. Your turn."

Kevin walked in a few minutes later. I shared with him how excited Sanders was for his cake and what he had said to me. Kevin started laughing and said, "The cake is still in the oven!"

It seemed that getting that cake frosted was what he wanted most in the world. But first we had to let it cool. Then we had to have lunch. THEN we went swimming. Then we all took showers.

I was the last to have a turn in the shower. Sanders kept coming in saying, "Why do you like to take so long in there?"

I finally told him when I get dressed I will frost the cake.

I had just put my clothes on and was sitting on the edge of my bed for a second while I checked my emails when Sanders walked in, saw me dressed, grabbed me by the elbow and said, "Good. You're ready. Let's go!" then led me to the kitchen.

4 layers tall

He added the Angry Birds car because one care is never enough ;)
It made me so happy to do something for him that he was looking forward to.

I really love this boy.

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