Sunday, March 10, 2013

Everyday normal

Not much to speak of tonight.

Daylight savings time brought about the cheerful attitudes you would expect when one has 9:00am church.

I hope you all know me well enough by now to read the full sarcasm of that sentence.

I actually woke up quite rested. Which is weird for me. But, I suppose it was just the blessing this family needed. All families should have at least one person in a good mood. It is usually NOT me in the mornings. ;)

Church was fine.

The afternoon went smooth.

We went to my dad's for dinner. The theme today was Mexican food. One of my favorites.

Then we came home and put the kids to bed.

I'm reading the second book in the Beyonders series. Thank goodness the third book comes out this month!

That's it. Everyday normals are so nice.

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