Thursday, March 7, 2013

In my hands

I had fun photographing some fabric that will soon be made into dresses by my very talented sister-in-law, Danica.

It's pretty cool to think this fabric came from my little brain.

Most of the time, everything feels like every day life.

And then I stop. I remember. I remember what it felt like to start this whole process.

I am SO grateful to know the end of that chapter.

I am a fabric designer! 


Lawson Family said...

Yeah! They look so cool in a physical form. Love it!

Mary said...

They look great, Em!

Megs said...

Super, Super cool!

Danica said...

I LOVE the fabric! I got it all washed and ironed yesterday. Then I had the girls choose what fabric they wanted on each piece of their dresses. And I cut most of it out. I was so stiff last night cutting it out for over 3 hours. I am still not done cutting out Belle's skirt and Aliyah's top. I haven't even decided what dress to do for Ruby.