Monday, March 25, 2013

Gracie Grayson

Yesterday was one comedy routine after another. I continually found myself being grateful I had the presence of mind to appreciate all that happened in it's full, humorous, context.

Tennyson has been a bit constipated since being so sick. It's a natural thing. Sunday I thought I might die sitting next to him. He kept tooting ( yes, that is the word we use in our home...even Kevin). They were the silent but deadly type. We took him to the restroom multiple times, but we should have just started passing out gas masks.


We think perhaps he just needed space to think. He started a book that  he says he is going to work on every Sunday called, " The Princess and the Angry Mustard Bottle". One can only imagine our suspense for each week's addition.

Sanders told Kevin, " I want to write letters that aren't numbers OR ABCs". Maybe Tennyson will use the new alphabet for his book.

A little boy escaped his mom. I snagged him and decided to entertain him. The mom was at church without her husband and I have always been so grateful for everyone who has helped me with my little ones. I was beyond thrilled to pay it forward.

Sanders was insistent about find out his name so he walked back and asked his mom. She whispered it to him. He informed us it was Gracie. I suggested that perhaps he had misheard as Gracie is usually a girls name. "You go ask her. You'll see it's Gracie."

Instead he went and asked again. Turns out it was Grayson. Sanders thought it was hilarious that he had misheard it the first time.

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Danica said...

Tennyson must take after his dad and his uncles (especially Greg). Oh man, you brought back lots of stinky memories with this post.