Sunday, March 24, 2013

The spy that never was

The morning started out with mild panic.

I was supposed to teach the Beehives and I had not read through the lesson. I also taught last Sunday and try to only prepare one lesson at a time which meant I had 6 days to get this one ready. I tried. I opened up the lesson multiples times during the week, every time I had a free second. The problem with a second is it is a very, very short frame of time.  Each time I'd think, "Whew, let's get this lesson going," and pull it up something or someone would demand my attention.


We have 9:00 church and after the expo this weekend and prep for it the beginning of the week, my body was overly tired and I am just lucky I woke up in time to even be only 10 minutes late. No time to read the lesson.

I prayed. Man did I ever pray. As I sat in front of those sweet girls, I had never read the lesson. It was on the atonement so I felt confident about the subject...but still.

So we started off OK. Then we opened the scriptures. Mathew 26:3 -10 We read about all the spiritual and political powerful men meeting to figure out a way to kill Jesus subtly so as not to make him a martyr. I think three verses after that it talks about a women pouring ointment on Jesus' head. The verse right after that one tells of his disciples catching her in the act and becoming indignant and calling her out on it.  I should have kept reading. Also, I should have read that last verse more carefully.

Instead I hopped up out of my seat in effort to really bring these scriptures to life for the girls. We talked about the men meeting. And because that was such a secret, evil meeting, that's where my mind went. Next thing you know I'm acting out how this women subtly walks past Jesus and without him knowing puts ointment on his head...I thinking that maybe it was poison the powerful men had planned to use to kill Jesus with. ( Yes, I had never heard of that story either, but at the time the verses seemed to point that way. I've never claimed to be a scriptorian) After I had acted the whole sneaky thing out I went back to the scriptures and read the next  two verses.

Turns out she wasn't some spy trying to kill him and Jesus praised her for her actions.

What the....

"Oh. Um, actually, girls, she wasn't an evil spy. Um....yeah. Just forget I even said that story. She was doing a good thing.  Jesus had been trying to tell his disciples that he was going to die and they were having a hard time believing it 'cause they'd seen him do miracles and stuff. He was trying, yet again, to let them know he was serious by praises the women for understanding what would be happening in the next few days., um, right. No evil spy. Well, Judas was evil, for a second...and a spy...but not the women...she was good...and in no way a spy."

Are you kidding me? It was hilarious!

Luckily, the rest of the lesson actually went very well. How could it not? Anything is good after that fiasco. 


Sarah said...

Oh, Em :)

Chrissy said...

I bet those girls could actually report what they'd learned at church around the dinner table. :)