Thursday, February 28, 2013

Digging out and confessions of a non-hoarder

I sent an SOS to my mom.

I needed help digging out my unorganized home. Too many fun projects and far to much of a lazy (in house work) personality and I was feeling caved in.

I knew she was the right person for the job and I knew that she lives for this kind of thing, helping me and organizing. She loves them both. She is awesome at both!

But organizing is SO much not my thing that it took a few years for mom and I to work out a system. She now asks before she tosses things and I try super, super hard to remember that my end goal is to have an organized spot which usually leads to tossing things.

So it's good.

Sanders, my baby, turns 4 on Saturday.

I know!

Family is coming over and when that happens I wake up from my sheltered little life and realize that they all live in more organized homes than I do, and all the projects that I had planned on doing since they last came over 3 months ago still remain untouched, and I panic. I know they love me regardless, but still, I panic.

In my brain my home is all Pottery Barn and Real Simple, or it has potential to be. But in my reality I haven't had time to decorate how I'd like much less put things back where they belong...or find a home for them to belong to.

Great. Now I sound like a hoarder.

I'm not a hoarder. My halls and kitchen table are clear and we always sit down for a family dinner every night. Except two night ago because it would be better for the children if we watched a show while we ate rather than having to work so hard ignoring me while I correct their utensil holding for the hundredth gazillionth time.


Organizing. Not a skill I have although I dream about it being mine someday.

ALSO, I have been eating like a cow. Seriously. What is my problem? It's such an entitlement thing for me. I WANT to eat that so I should be able to. End of story. Meanwhile come summer, when it's a health risk to hide under sweat shirts, I will be cursing my lack of control.

Get. a. grip. Em!

I feel like I need a month break from real life to get my pretend, what I wish for life, in order.

Yes, I see the irony.

Life is good though. Busy. But good.

AND my office is 95% organized! Woot!Thank you, Mom!

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April Weeks said...

Does the 95% mean that there are those boxes of things that still need to be "gone through"?

It really is fun for me to do this with you.