Monday, April 18, 2011

On edge

Kevin left for the first part of what will be a three week business trip. Everything today was quite normal, except me.

I was on edge all day. A bit snappy, a bit moody.

The kids kept looking at me wondering why there was a low growling coming from me when all they were doing was breathing.


I think I'm so wound up bracing for things to be hard that I am forgetting that we've done this before and we'll be OK.

The kids were actually great. Even better than usual.  It was just me being a pill.

Hopefully, now that I've isolated the problem I can move forward in a different direction.


Tobi said...

You never cease to amaze me. I don't know how you survive without backup for even two days. You'll get into your groove and the time will fly by! (Especially if you call me for a play date or for some babysitting!)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Em! I hate flying solo. Good luck!!!!

Sarah said...

lots of bubble baths after the kids are in bed and a few pieces of really good dark chocolate. Takes the edge off for me. :)

my rebel took over said...

I know exactly that feeling! Harland had two weekends of back to back all day MBA classes (last one this past weekend and he's done! Woohoo!). The girls had spring break in between the two weekends and then today he left for Germany until Sunday night. I felt terrible because I was dreading spring break all because of how much he was going to be gone! It ended up being fine. Now I just need to get through this week and we'll all be a-ok.