Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blessings trump embarrassments

So the house is a MESS.

Shocker right?

Unfortunately no, no it's not.

I wish I was a neat freak. I wish I was highly organized and had nary a pile to be found....or dust bunnies....or toys and crumbs scattered everywhere.

But I haven't reached that level yet.

Especially, right now as I am designing in every spare minute. We really are just barely living beyond what would be considered unlivable. OK, maybe that's being a bit dramatic, but still. I can't name a single clean room in the house.


Tobi took the boys today so I could have hours and hours to design uninterrupted! It was wonderful. Thank you SO much, Tobi!  I thought about cleaning, just because it was guaranteed to stay clean for at least the time I was alone, but the point was for me to design. So I did.

Fast forward to tonight. Beckham, "needed" something off the top of his hutch on his dresser and pulled the whole hutch down on himself!!!! Someone is really out to knock off my kids. The hutch is very heavy and it was loaded with stuff. We are just so lucky he got away with only a little bump on his head.

But as I was dealing with all of that, Lyndi and Greg stopped by to return the carpet cleaner. I was mortified. Not that they stopped by, because I adore it when people come and visit whenever they want, but that the house is a COMPLETE disaster. Plus, I was still trying to work through all of the emotions of furniture almost killing Beckham.

I think I came across as very edgy and distracted. I was trying to block from my view, what I know they were seeing.

Double sigh.

However, while they were here, I showed Lyndi my designs and she loved them! I can't even express how much this does for my soul. I mean, I love them, but it is so nice to actually see other people love them as well.

Not only that, but Greg realized that our hot water pipe under the kitchen sink had been leaking. The whole base of the cabinet was filled with water and it had started leaking to the basement! I just don't think I would have caught that for a few more days because of how busy I've been.

He turned the hot water off to the sink and we will just wait until Kev gets home (he left today for 10 days) to take a look at it. I'M thinkin' we should call the insurance and tell them our cabinets are water damaged....just kidding, but a girl can dream.

The point is, yes, they saw my house, my life, how I really live it. Tonight I am THAT kind of woman that needs people to come help her just to get her house clean. It's embarrassing, but if they had not come I would not have felt the encouragement for my designs and my sink may have fallen through the floor during the night.

I feel very watched over, taken care, and loved.


Danica said...

What a day. Don't worry about the mess. You are a single mom for the next few weeks. I want to see your designs! I want to design with your fabric and tell everyone where they came from! Ya, my amazingly talented sister-in-law.

April Weeks said...

YIKES! Beckham under a piece of heavy furniture! I still have frantic thoughts of when it happened to Tennyson. I'm so glad all is well. I can't wait to see your designs too!