Friday, April 22, 2011


Today Beckham informed me that he had a lemonade stand on the schedule for after school. I tried to point out the potential flaws in this plan so that he wouldn't get his hopes up so high if no one came by to purchase a drink on a day predicted to only get to 50 degrees.

He could not, would not, be dissuaded...and good for him!

So, he got everything all ready. He did it all himself, except for make the lemonade, which I was happy to help out with.

Here's the sign he made

I didn't help him with any of the writing or the math. That's all him. When I realized he was writing what every. single. quantity. would cost I told him, "I think you can stop writing when you get to 5 cups. I think they'll get the pricing system by then."

He, of course, had a different vision and said, "I think by SEVEN cups they'll get the hang of it."

But by seven cups he remembered that ten cups would equal one dollar and that sounded like good advertising to him.

After the sign was made and taped onto the empty diaper box he turned to me with a grin that wrapped around his head three times and declared, " I am SO eager to make money today!!!!!"

That's his friend, Isaac, with him.
 You know what? Despite ALL of my grownup knowledge of how the world works and supply and demand, those boys made out like bandits....selling lemonade......on a day that required everyone to wear jackets.

They made $4.50!!!!!

Cars would drive by and BACK UP to support these pint sized entrepreneurs!!!!

Lest you think they sold 45 cups, I have to divulge that most people just paid a quarter and some paid a dollar and did not want any change back. But STILL. Lemonade on a cold day?

What's that saying? "He could sell hot chocolate in Hell?"

Yeah. I think the world is in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, later today Beckham got in trouble for lying. It's something we are working on. He just assumes he KNOWS exactly what happened even if he was nowhere near the event and begins preaching his "knowledge" like gospel. The problem with this, besides the obvious fact that he doesn't know if what he is saying is true, is that he has mistakenly thrown people under the bus, so to speak, because by his calculations they were they only ones that could have possibly done...whatever was done.

Anyway, I was telling him, in a very frustrated way, that I was really, REALLY, tired of his lying/assuming. It was hard to know when he had actual information or not.

Beckham, the tender hearted kid the he is, began to cry and wailed, " I am only good at three things. Lying, doing math, and making money!!!!"

Poor kid. (Don't worry, we hugged and talked things through)

I told this to Kevin tonight (hooray he's home for a few days!!!!) and he said, "Sounds like a formula for success to me!"

Sheesh *eye roll* Let's hope Beckham's entrepreneurial skills evolve through the honest way and not Kevin's "successful" way.


Chrissy said...

That is hilarious, I can just hear him saying that. I love Kevin's comment too. :)

Lawson Family said...

I don't think anyone doubts that Beckham will be rich!

I have fond memories of doing lemonaid stands...I'm glad to see they're still around and he had some success!

Megs said...

oh man, that kid cracks me up! I can't wait to see what he comes up with as he gets older!

Skye O. said...

Clever kid! Such a fun story to read!

Mary said...

My husband's response was, "Sounds like a politian." : )