Friday, April 8, 2011


The last two days have been filled to the brim with cousins! Oh how we love cousins around here.

Yesterday, I got to hang out with Chrissy and Catherine. It was kind of a we-need-to-hurry-and-hang-out-before-Catherine-has-her-baby-and-she-is-then-consumed-with-sleeping-feeding-and-changing-and-we-won't-be-able-to-hang-out-as-much-for-awhile kind of get together. Catherine looks darling. She is one of those super cute pregnant ladies that you love to just look at because they make it look so good.

We were sad that one of Sarah's kids was sick so they weren't able to join us. Next time for sure.

Today, is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!!!! She is such a great grandma and helps us out a LOT! I hope you had the best day and were spoiled!

We also had all of my nieces from Kev's side of the family over. Greg and Lyndi closed on their house yesterday (hooray!) and the house needs a good cleaning before they can move in. To say the kids had fun would be an understatement. It was princesses, restaurant, Tangled, dress-up, and more princesses all day long. They did so good together and got along really, really well.

Kasidy and I were buddies most of the day and I found that I have not yet lost my amazing doing things one-handed skills. Nice!

My house is very lived in and full of love today. I wouldn't have it any other way!


Colle said...

Cousins Rock!

Danica said...

Thanks for watching my girls. They loved it. Please let me know whenever I can return the favor. We would love to have your kids over also.