Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last time I checked

I was giving the two little guys a bath tonight when Tennyson expressed his desire to shampoo his hair all by himself.

"OK," I instructed, "lay down and get your hair wet."

He looked at me, paused, and then in a totally serious voice asked, "In the water?"

I sincerely hope so.


Lawson Family said...

Too funny! I would love to hear kid's thought processes!

Chrissy said...

Funny Tennyson :)

This is why you have to give children explicit instructions...

"Go upstairs, remove your clothes, get IN the shower, turn ON the water, please use shampoo..."

chelsea said...

emilie i found a purse and ordered it last night for an early birthday present to myself.

also i didn't tell you but i think you look so great! so skinny and beautiful and i loved your style.

thank you so much for coming to the shower and thank you for the serving tray, i have a lot of plans for that baby.

thanks for everything you did for me growing up. you were and are a great example in my life

love chelsea