Monday, April 4, 2011

A little about me

This post was originally going to be about being a prepared dreamer. About doing everything within my power to give myself any chance at success. But as I thought about it and started formulating my sentences I realized, I did not want to hear it tonight. Which means you are probably even more sick of it. Can Market just get here already?

I'm just tired of feeling SO hopeful one day and then going all bi-polar and stressing out that there is more that I could be doing and maybe I haven't done enough...yada, yada, yada.

I'm not saying I'm done with those kinds of posts, but tonight, they just feel anti-productive and I am in no mood to be brought down.

So tonight, I swiped something from my cousin's blog. Enjoy

Making : A third colorway
Cooking : ideas
Drinking :

Pride and Prejudice

a contract

forward to Market

basket ball with Tennyson and Sanders
time worrying

a nursing cover

I could see into the future

having an unforeseen future

for a design to load
Liking: the patience I had today

if all my children will ever be fully potty trained

that I have the option of dreaming big

I can get everything done in time

Marveling: How Tennyson managed to get poop on the floor of four rooms (Don't ask. I'm trying to forget)
Needing: some faith that thing will turn out in the best way...not matter what that way is
Smelling: nothing.....
thank goodness it's NOT poop

black lounge pants

my gut

That Sanders is growing up fast

my kids are wonderful

I need to remember that I know that more often

Bookmarking: family home evening ideas
Opening: my heart
Giggling: that Tennyson got poop in four rooms's funny now. You should have seen him try and clean it up....priceless. Disgusting, but priceless.
Feeling: shouldn't be surprised. I cleaned up poop in FOUR rooms today


Colle said...

4 rooms huh!" I don't know that I could ever find humour in that so way to go. I love this I may have to still it I have turned into a very bad blogger.

Chrissy said...
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Chrissy said...

My mind reels at the whole 4 rooms thing. You are a very strong woman. If I may paraphrase, "Just remember tomorrow is a new day, with no poop in it yet..." :)