Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter ramblings

The Easter bunny did not hide the baskets well enough this year. Karaia and Beckham found theirs practically just because they opened their year though.

Karaia gave a great talk in primary today. I was proud of her confidence and the thought she put into it before hand. It was a nice start to this holiday to have so much of our morning focused on the Savior. I was grateful to see Karaia's testimony grow today.

I forgot to mention that I was released as Relief Society secretary a few weeks ago. I was set apart today as a Ward Missionary. That is a calling that is well beyond my comfort level. During the setting apart Sanders and Tennyson were mock boxing each other...and spinning around...and growling like bears. (Kev was helping with the setting apart so there was no one to corral anyone) Fantastic. Mother of the year right here people.

There were two parts of the setting apart that I actually heard, in between me trying to mother the clearly raised-by-wolves younger two with my foot while trying NOT to move my head or appear in the least bit mortified by my children's behavior,

The two parts were:

1) The I would be continued to be blessed and successful in my personal and professional life ( The counselor setting me apart has no idea about my dream. As far as he knows I have no plans for anything professional--other than perhaps going professionally crazy because my children act as if they were raised by wolves)

2) That I would be able to preform my calling in a manner pleasing to me and the Lord. ( That was important for me to hear because I am very apprehensive about offending or making someone feel badly that they don't believe as I do. If they want to hear/know more awesome, but I'm not going to push it on them. It was nice to be reminded that Heavenly Father understands me.)

We had a quiet afternoon of WAY too much candy and a quick nap for mom (HOORAY!). Then we went to my mom's for a yummy dinner and a great Easter egg hunt. All of that equals happy kiddos to tuck into bed.

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