Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dads are the best!

I don't live very far from my dad. Only about 7 minutes. Unfortunately we don't see each other a ton. A few times a month is all.

That being said, I know without a doubt that he will drop everything he is doing to come and rescue me.  Anytime. Anyplace.

He did that today.

I called him to see if he could come and help me with the sink. He left work early, changed into some time-to-get-your-hands-dirty clothes and came right over. After two trips to Home Depot the sink was done and dry!!!

Thank you so much Papa!!!!


Sarah said...

As G says, 'Uncle Guy is the BEST!'

Megs said...

Hooray! Papa is the best, I agree whole heartedly. Glad you've been taken care of.

April Weeks said...

So glad! Water problems and car problems are the worst!