Sunday, April 3, 2011


We ave new phones. They are wonderful and have really changed how we organize around here. Plus I love that Sanders can watch videos on it while I am shopping.

The other thing they have changed is the kids. They LOVE playing a game called angry birds. And ask all.the.time. if they can use the phone to play it.

Why blog about this you ask?

Oh, no real reason. Other than the fact that I can't think of anything else to blog about and this is something quirky about our evey day lives.

So now you know.

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Tobi said...

My BIL brought his Ipad (and Angry Birds) to the cabin last weekend. Adam wanted to play it all.the.time. I'm generally awful at video games, so I'm not tempted. I'd rather spend my time reading fun blogs (like yours!).

Chrissy said...

Jake is always wanting to play Angry Birds on Brian's phone too! I personally don't get it. That much technology scares me... :)

my rebel took over said...

Ha ha! I have a Droid X and my girls love playing Angry Birds too. Having access to Google Calendar at all times is the best thing that has ever happened to me. About a year ago I convinced Harland and my parents to use it and now we can all see who is where and when. (I do a lot with my mom and this way my Dad knows when I need him to babysit while H is out of town). Everyone has their own color. It. Is. Awesome.