Thursday, February 24, 2011

One of THOSE posts

We're about due, don't you think?

A post of frustration belonging to a young mother. I struggle with these every time.

On the one hand, this is my real life, my real feelings and I hope by documenting my human-ness it will be a help to someone else. Mostly for my children that they can see their mom was not perfect and she was willing to look that face on and try and change it with the help of her Father in heaven. And, and this is the truly important part, that she loved them so, so, SO much but she is just so, so, SO imperfect.

On the other hand I want my children to remember the good times and forget all the time I fell far, far too short of being the person/mother they deserve and bury away all the bad times.

So you see, I struggle.

Oh how I could use more patience today.

Tennyson is 3. Is that enough for everyone out there to understand why I am in need of an extra supply of patience?

Beckham is 6 but truly believes himself to be 18 and has the attitude of an 18 year old. You know where the teenager KNOWS everything and everyone else just needs to play catch up? Sadly, this attitude, while well meaning, he really is just trying to educate everyone in a helpful sort of way, has received the brunt of my frustration. He forgets that they might already know/not care what he is trying to teach them. That is a completely alien concept for someone who ALWAYS wants to know things and therefor assumes that he is providing people with things they do not already know, but probably really want to. To him, he is preforming a service.

Sanders turns 2 next week AND decided to jump/fall from his crib this afternoon because taking a nap was a ridiculous suggestion.

On the flip side they are good kids, they really are. Some days they are more Kid than Good, but for the most part I wouldn't trade them in....maybe just send myself on a little vacation...but not a trade in.


Danica said...

I guess Karaia has been good today?... or just at school for most of it.

Emilie said...

She was at school

Lawson Family said...

Yes, a vacation sounds like it would hit the spot. Let's plan a sister get-away! I can't belive Sanders will be 2!

Brianna said...

I want in on the sister get-away!!! I would never trade mine in either, BUT having the chance to miss them is never a bad idea as a mom.

my rebel took over said...

Having two six year old in the house myself, and one in particular that souns exactly like Beckham, I feel your pain.

As far as Sanders goes, have you considered a crib tent? My brother's kids all started climbing out of their cribs way before two years old and with the help of a crib tent they were able to keep all three of them in until they were three. Since they weren't so busy climbing out, they napped better too! I absolutely would have used one too, but I got lucky in that department. My girls never bothered climbing out. We finally moved them out of the crib because we thought it was a good idea before college. :)