Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes you hit gold

That's how I feel about Kevin. He is always so quick to find a way to help me when I get my brain focused on a project. He never complains  that I am yet, again, consumed with some take-over-the-house thing, he just looks at the situation and then figures out the best way to help.

Today he took all four kids to Costco and then later in the day to his mom's so I could be alone with my project. I know being the sole provider for our four little ones can be draining, rewarding yes, but draining none the less. He is a good man.

Always pushing me when I am feeling weak. Always encouraging me to live up to the potential I know I have. Always reassuring me I've done my best because he knows that's who I am.

Sometimes there isn't even a word the can accurately discribe just how good you've got it.

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