Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super hero theme song

Seems to me that lately Tennyson must have some Super Hero theme song running in his head at all times.

It really is the only logical explanation for his current actions.

Such as raising one leg and both elbows, pausing.....

.....and then beginning to run to wherever his mission takes him. But that is just the beginning. On route to his mission, he will do somersaults, half cart wheels, jump kicks, and any other manner of Super Hero type movement you can think of.

He sits in the back seat of our van. Today, after he got unbuckled, he waited until Sanders was out of his seat, which is directly in front of Tennyson's, and then he did a head over heals somersault over the top of Sanders' car seat...instead of walking down the isle because that is SO not the way Super Heroes roll.


Tobi said...

We need to get Mason and Tennyson together. With Mason's costumes and Tennyson's moves we could have a Super Hero League!

Lawson Family said...

I am convinced little boys do not know how to walk from point A to point B. To get anywhere, it must involve two feet off the ground in a series of leaps and jumps at least 10 times. It's quite comical!

Sarah said...

G used to do that arms up one leg pause before running. And he would often be humming some tv thmes song. You should ask Tennyson what song it is. :)