Monday, February 28, 2011

it's ok

So, I weighed in today.

It was as I suspected. More than I was two weeks ago.

Here's the break down.

In two short weeks there have been:

4.4 lbs gained
1.25 inches gained around chest
1.5 inches gained around waist
.25 inches gained on hips
 The silver lining? My thighs and arms the same.

Am I frustrated? Oh yes.

6 weeks to get it off, two weeks to put it back on.

It is one of those, "This is so not fair" life moments. It's not like I was going crazy on the eating either. Not totally anyway.

There are a few factors that need to be accounted for.

1. I hurt my back 2 weeks ago. Really hurt it to the point that any movement was duly noted as it would send a shock wave of pain in my lower back and down my leg. This greatly restricted how intense I was able to work out.

2. Hurting my back stressed me out. Emotionally driven eating does not equate to the best, healthiest food choices. But more of the chocolaty, carb laden choices. PLUS stress is a known weight gain inducer.

3. Because I was no longer done eating by 6:30 at night, I found I was staying up later. Not getting enough sleep also causes weight gain.

It's OK. all of those things can be changed. Nothing to get upset about. Yes, I have slipped back a bit, but I conquered this once before I can and will do it again.

On a side note:

I married the BEST man. Because this is my first day back on Burst Cycle, one of the hardest days, a.k.a. the day it becomes reality that you can't have sugar or chocolate, and it also happens to be Family Night, and night in which it is required to contain some form of sugar or chocolate at the end and I was sad about not being able to join in the sugary fun, Kevin decided to join in not having any sugary fun with me.


I am one lucky girl.


Lawson Family said...

Really, if you did eat more, have more stress, and have a back injury to boot and not gain weight...I might have some words.
:0) You'll get the hang of it again and so much easier when you've got a supportive hubby! Way to stack up the points, Kev!

Brianna said...

Me and the Lord are gonna have a talk one day about the unfair aspects of weight gain and loss, but until then I guess we are all on this same crappy rollar coaster ride.

None the less, you still look fabulous, and you will get the hang of what works for you in the "maintaining" phase. ;)

Whitney said...

Hi Lindsay's friend, Emilie... I am Lindsay's sister, Whitney! :P Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment! I tell you what this weight loss trip is quite the frustrating adventure! I'm sending you healing vibes and shrinking thoughts.

my rebel took over said...

Ugh! Very frustrating! I've heard that learning the maintainence is the hardest part. If you survived that crazy 6 week hazing, you'll be able to figure this out too!