Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Every night

Every night I look at what my workout is going to be the next morning. And every night I tell Kev that gpp fitness is trying to kill me and that there is NO way I will possibly survive the tomorrow's work out.

I am not saying that to get sympathy, I am saying that because I really believe it to be true and I feel it a kind thing to warn my husband that there is a high chance that I won't be coming home afterward....because they will have done me in.

I'm surprised each and every time I complete the work out.

That being said, I am terrified of tomorrow. I am supposed to do 100 manimals. No, that is not a typo. Neither the number or the name.

What is a manimal?

You put a 25 lb plate weight (you know the round, flat kind you put on bar bells) on the ground. Then you do the beginnings of a burpee with your hands on the weight. As you come up from the burpee, grab the weight and lift it over your head. Keeping the weight over your head take two walking lunges, then throw the weight on the ground, jump over it, turn to face the way you just came.....and that is ONE!

See, I told you they were trying to kill me.
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Mary said...

Wow. Just wow.

Chrissy said...

Em you are suppose to tell me it will all be okay! If you are terrified what am I going to do?! Seriously though, I looked it up and thought, "NO WAY! I am going to die..."

Emilie said...

Chrissy, just remember this, this is not the first time I have been scared and somehow I've survived.

my rebel took over said...

I'll gladly speak at your funeral. I'm having a hard enough time getting myself to get back into my cardio routine 3x/week after I got super light headed in the last 5 minutes a week ago. I'm currently using my stitched up finger as an excuse. I could re-injur myself you know!!!! (LOL!)

April Weeks said...

Your mom says "be careful, don't hurt yourself! I'm sure proud of you."

Emily said...

Having seen many a workout, I am always amazed at what the body can do if you've got the willpower.

Way to go -- you rock -- way more than I do.