Monday, February 14, 2011


(Prologue: The thing that is super annoying about this post is that I woke up to finish it and hurry and get it posted on Feb. 14th only to hurry and post it to the WRONG blog....grrr. So, it was posted yesterday, just somewhere else.)

For six weeks I've been highly aware of my body and everything I have put into it. For six week weeks food has taken the roll of fuel more than an extra curricular activity and I have been very picky about only getting the very best out of the fuel I consumed.

Sometimes I felt as though I had sprouted a computer behind my eyes that read and calculated all food items into calories and ounces. I have become very adapt at making a very good guess at the weight and caloric value of all food.

Today was my final weigh in. I had two goals I had set that I had to reach by this date. Lose 10 lbs and shave 2 inches from my hips. I met the hip goal easily, but when I first stepped on the scale at 6:10 this morning, I had lost less than a pound from last week. Which put me a whole pound away from my goal.
Lizz, my trainer, suggested that we take all my other measurements and then weigh me again after the workout.

Sure....I can lose a pound in 20 minutes.

So I worked my guts out.

I stood on the scale again and it had only decreased by .2 lbs.  I was still .8 lbs away from my goal


Lizz suggested that I run to the bathroom and empty my bladder. Perhaps it would make a difference. I did so and then stepped on the scale again. This time the number that showed was only .2 lbs away from my goal or so I thought.

I was SO disappointed. All that hard work. Not a single cheat for 6 weeks. Working out harder than I thought possible for 6 days a week. Completely changing my life style and .2 lbs stood in my way. I said a little prayer explaining just how hard and how dedicated I had been these 6 weeks and how I had done everything in my power to reach my goal.

After the first time I had weighed in that morning, Lizz had taken a piece of paper and written down all my beginning measurements and my final measurements. I decided to look over it before stepping on the scale one more final time.

Miracle of all miracles!!! I had remembered my starting weight as being .2 lower than it actually was!!! Which meant that I was no longer .2 lbs away from my goal but that I had reached it! I had lost exactly 10 lbs!

At the end of six weeks here is the break down.

I lost:

1.75 inches from my chest
3 inches from my waist
2 inches from my hips
1.25 inches from my thighs
.5 inches from my arms

That is 8.5 inches over all and 10 lbs! It was worth every last drop of sweat and every moment of counting calories.

I have been fighting to become healthier for over a year now and the scale refused to move. Finally, the battle is over.

Anything after this is icing on the cake....well, maybe more like a big bowl of themselves.....without the cake. No point in undoing all my hard work after all.


Teresa said...

Wow! Way to go Emilie--I'm inspired! Plus, I haven't been to blog land for a while and I love your post a day goal. You are truly amazing!

Tobi said...

I was so bummed when I didn't find a new post this morning...until later when I found it! Reading about your great accomplishment was worth the wait (or weight, as it might be).

Kade and Katie said...

you are amazing!! way to go!!

Skye O. said...

That is so great Em!! You are so inspiring & I was just telling all my friends about you.

"It IS possible, but you HAVE to be consistent & dedicated" I'm determined! Spring & summer are JUST around the corner. YIKES!

But really? 800 calories a DAY??? HOW????!!!!!??????