Friday, February 15, 2013


Almost forgot to blog tonight. 

My nephew was over and Tennyson was trying to talk to me. I was texting or checking my calendar or something like that on my phone, responding with uhuhs and mmmms with my back to Tennyson,  when Evan said, "Emilie, Tennyson is trying to talk to you."

This is amazing for a number of reasons. Evan was recently diagnosed with Autism. He usually only speaks to me in a whisper and has only very, very recently spoken to me on his own accord without any prompting from me. And he NEVER has used my name to address me before. The fact that he recognized I was being socially inappropriate and called me on it, is, quite frankly, a miracle in my eyes on so many levels. I was very grateful to recognize it for what it was. As well as to hear the reminder, from a child, that it's important to BE there for my children. Everything else can wait.

Evan also kept me laughing. He ran into the kitchen, skidded to a stop and said, "Uh oh! I need a snack!"

Kids are the best!

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April Weeks said...

I love how you write! What a sweet experience with Evan.