Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moms that hide

I posted this on Facebook today

"Sometimes, after I've run an errand with the kids in tow, I'll let them run in the house and I'll just sit in the car, by myself, for five minutes."

I got so many comments from mothers who do the same thing. It was kind of nice to know that once in a while  other moms, and dads, need to be by themselves too. For just a second...or five minutes. 

It's not that we don't love being moms. We do! But sometimes it gets to us and we need that reboot. That moment of peace. 

I read my scriptures in that five minutes sometimes...sometimes I read Facebook too ;) Still, when I really, REALLY need to find that second wind I turn to the scriptures about patience, or humility, or family, or endurance. 

Then I put on my happy face and pretend I've just come home from a weekend long getaway and I missed seeing my kids for 3 whole days instead of the 5 minutes we were apart.

It helps.

Things are happier.

Not perfect, mind you, but happier.

Speaking of a happy moment, I was helping Karaia glue her One Direction finger nails, that she got at Eliza's party yesterday, back on and managed to glue my middle and thumb together...with super glue!

Karaia and I laughed so hard! She ran around telling the boys, "Mom's fingers are glued together FOREVER!"

It was like that for a good 45 minutes before Kevin came home and rescued me by gently rolling the glued finger and thumb. I didn't even lose any skin!

Yay for moving fingers!


Brianna said...

Some days (especially one's I work) I MAKE my kids go to the basement, and play without coming back upstairs for at least five-ten minutes.

Some times mom's need time outs too, so we can make sure our behavior is what it should be... ;)

Denise said...

Thank heaven for genius husbands!