Saturday, February 9, 2013

Learning about friendship

I just had the best talk with Karaia. She came to me because she was horrified to realized that last year she hadn't treated one of her dear friends very kindly.

I actually was horrified too when she told me, but I was also so proud of her for realizing that it was a mistake all on her own and feeling remorseful about it.

We talked all about friends and which ones of her friends she feels like are the better influences in her life. We talked about the difference in being inspired by a friend to change something about yourself because their lives make your realize you can be an even better verse of you vs feeling ashamed of something about your self because of how a "friend" makes you feel about less then the awesome person you are.

I am so grateful she has discovered these lessons, on her own, at such a young age. Karaia is a wonderful person and I am so excited to watch her grown and turn toward a path that will bring her so much light and happiness.

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April Weeks said...

powerful lesson to learn at such a young age. It will serve her well.
She is wonderful!