Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupid's arrow and other painful matters

Sanders does NOT like wearing church clothes. To be fair, who really does? Well, I do, but only because I like wearing dresses, but that's beside the point.


Sanders doesn't. He acts like you are chopping off a limb just when you talk about it. When he found out that his preschool was having a Tea Party today for Valentine's Day AND you were supposed to wear your best clothes because it helps you use your best manners he formed a plan. He started his campaign on Monday.

In a this is law and shall be obeyed kind of way he announced, "Mom, I am NOT going to wear church clothes on Thursday."

"Mrs. Karen asked you to."

"Not going to do it."

"We'll figure something out."

And similar variations for the rest of the week. I noticed his campaign seeping into all his other conversations.

"Beckham, I'm going to have a mustache and lips party for my birthday!....but NOT with church clothes!" 

In the end he settled for a nice sweater as long as he got to wear a plain t-shirt, NOT a church shirt, underneath it. I also talked him into his church shoes. Extra bonus!

At the Tea Party today I got to help with some games. We were playing Bingo. Sanders pointed to a bow and arrow and asked who it was again that welded that weapon."

"Cupid. He shoots those arrows to make people fall in love."

"Oh right. Cupid. Nobody loved Cupid so he shot them with his arrows...and killed them."

Something like that, Buddy, something like that.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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