Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday Friend

Eliza and Karaia had a great time at the Capital today. As I mentioned last night, it is Eliza's 10th birthday today. Her dad is a State Senator and so the girls planned it all out that Eliza would be up there with her dad and Karaia would schedule her day with Grandma for the same time. These two are the only girls in their family and both have 3 brothers. Except Karaia is the oldest in hers and Eliza the youngest. They are only two months apart and met when they were both under a year old. I think Karaia was 9 months. I joked with Karaia that Eliza is the like the sister she doesn't have, but I was met with stone face and a serious voice informing me, "I guess. Except I don't get to see her every day. "

Ah well, a mom can try.

It sounds like they had a wonderful time! They must be in tune psychically because their outfits even matched.

Karaia couldn't wait until the party tonight for Eliza to open her present so she gave it to her on the way up. Karaia says Eliza loved the watch and kept showing everyone all day what she was wearing.

Look at these gorgeous girls!

Karaia was wiped out when she got home which is a sure sign of a day well spent! We love that Eliza girl and are so happy to have Karaia spend her special day with her!

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