Sunday, February 17, 2013


Karaia got a player for Christmas that also does videos, camera, and internet. We have strict rules about where and when she gets to use this fun toy. To get everything set up we had to create an email account for her. She remembered that yesterday and has been sending me random emails. While I was at the conference I got this one

"Hey mom this is Karaia guess what while I was making mac and cheese for lunch I burned my self and it hurts soooooooo bad!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry! How did you burn yourself?"

 "While I was pouring the noodles in to the strainer and put my arm flat on the pot I pulled my arm away from the pot and found out that it burned me. It HURTS!"

"Oh sad :-( is it a big burn?"

"yep its pretty big :-("

 It makes me pretty excited for when she can text. Random insights into her world.

I've also gotten ones like these complete with pictures. Yup, she's learned to talk a selfie, upload and attach it. She is always in a silly mood when she is taking her picture. Her main goal of the picture is to make me laugh...well, you'll see.

"you did a great job on your talk i'm glad I listend to it. I made my heart feel happy"

 I have also gotten an email with the subject of "Advice" it read, "9 was a good age"

And then this one

"Love you too!"

She cracks me up!


April Weeks said...

She is a delightful goofball.

April Weeks said...

Tell her to send me some emails...