Saturday, February 16, 2013

My voice

Good things happened today.

I went to a blogger conference and was inspired and reminded of a few things and am excited for the experience and knowledge it provided me to help me with my design world. I will have to revisit that topic later because I am right in the middle of writing a talk I have been asked to give in Sacrament meeting tomorrow.

I love writing. I do. The right combination of words gives me the same rush as the right color combination. Perhaps they are related, words and colors. Words paint pictures...colors, well, they're used in paintings. Ok, bad example of the "right combination" of words :)

Either way, it makes me feel alive and as if I'm taping into some old soul that isn't quite mine yet. Maybe one day. One day I will find the right words and the right time to explore this part of me.

1 comment:

April Weeks said...

You already have tapped into that soul with many right words that have inspired and brought joy and laughter.