Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All at once

Tonight we had three activities that all started at about 6:00pm. Tennyson's soccer game in Bountiful, Karaia's soccer game in Woods Cross, and Kevin's Meet the Candidates meeting in Centerville.

Kev went to his meeting, I arranged a ride for Karaia to get to her game and I took the other three boys with me to Tennyson's game. Half way through Tennyson's game I get a call from the family that gave Karaia a ride. Karaia was very upset and crying. Why? Because after remembering ALL season that Karaia was supposed to bring the treats at the last game, I TOTALLY forgot that Karaia was supposed to bring treats to the last game. What's worse is that her team mates sprung the news on her as she had no idea it was her turn for treats. So she was very shocked and saddened.

Since Kev was most definitely unavailable to help I made the executive decision to pull Tennyson from the last quarter of his game (don't worry he still got his end of game treat of a HUGE soccer cookie one of the moms brought), make a made dash to the store, grab some extra special pumpkin cookie treats to make up for the trauma caused, and high tail it down to Woods Cross to catch what turned out to be the last 5 minutes of Karaia's game.

The boys were SO good to be hauled around so much and so quickly.

And Karaia was grateful we came.

After nights like tonight I have no doubt that it was probably a mom who first thought up the idea of cloning one's self. There's almost no other way to get it all done.

PS Kevin did very well tonight! Hooray!

He felt like people responded to him in a positive way and that with the top four candidates it's really anybody's race. But he tried to emphasize his financial and management experience to set him apart from the rest. 

Here's a picture of the table. That's Red Vines and Mints on the table. Color coordinated candy...ah yeah :)

Keep in mind the pictures were taken with his phone AND I just found out at about 10 pm last night that he would have a table for the meeting tonight. I had envisioned the red table cloth on the bottom with the black in the center, but I wasn't able to help( refer to above story) Kevin set up and at the last minute he felt moved to forget silly details like that until he had set everything up. ALSO, as he keeps reminding me, this was a political event....not Quilt Market *wink*  Good job Kev! It looks great!

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