Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wishful dreaming

Last night I had a dream that I was reading a very artful, creative, 12 x12, multiple page letter from a manufacturer. On each 12 x12 page they had Photoshoped fabric into what looked like 12 Polaroid film frames, turned the frames upside down, and then written their message in the white parts of the frame at the top. Like this:

But with more frames. As far as I could guess there were about 15 12x 12 papers.

I was so anxious as I flipped through each page.

I could tell it was going to be good, but I was terrified it might not.

In the end there was a contract.

I woke up very excited and hopeful.

Maybe it's a sign.


Skye O. said...

Is that your stuff? I DO LOVE IT!! I would send you a contract! I want my hands on that orange! Good luck & happy thoughts your way!

Ellis said...

FINGERS CROSSED!!! You have a special talent and eventually there is a special someone who is going to embrace it and share it with the rest of the world that is waiting!!! Then you and everyone who makes and buys your patterns will be blessed!

Emilie said...

Thanks Girls!

Skye, I did design that art work but about 15 mins. before I posted on the blog. :)

April Weeks said...

Hey I commented yestereday and it didn't post....what's up with that?I said