Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vader and the choir

3/4 of our children's days were made after meeting this guy

The other 1/4 is just racking up therapy hours.

In other news, Karaia's and her school choir sung at the 100th year celebration of education. They did a great job and I loved all the songs they sung.

They party was great. There were probably 8 HUGE bounce houses, face painting, wood building, and, as mentioned before, Darth Vader roaming the grounds. Not sure what that has to do about celebrating 100 years, but everyone seemed to enjoy it....well almost everyone.

I find this especially hilarious because last Halloween this was Tennyson's costume

Ironic no?

Everything at the celebration was free. So the kids and I l.o.v.e.d it!

And before all of this fun,  Sanders and I participated in the Share walk this. It's a walk for pregnancy and infant loss. My step-brother and his wife have lost two babies this year. I'm happy we could participate.

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Tobi said...

ROFL! Tennyson is so funny!