Friday, October 7, 2011

Girls Day

I pulled Karaia out of school early today for a much needed Girls Day.

Karaia is forever asking for us to spend some one on one girl time. It's hard to find the time with all our different schedules, but I feel it's very important.

We went to Gardener Villiage with Chrissy and her girls. I'd never been before. It was very charming and I kept wondering why it was that I did not have a permenant residence in this lovely little place.

We went to lunch at Archibalds and then window shopping.

It's all decked out for Halloween and there are full size, decorative, witches ,in various positions and situations, scattered throughout the villiage. Karaia especially loved the full size witch in the row boat throwing dynomite into the river.

It was a lovely day despite the freezing, drizzling, weather. The girls did very well even including an hour long trip to the quilt shop.

I can see more of these in the near future.
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Colle said...

I am a little surprised you have never been there. It is way fun huh!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I love going there with my mom and sisters, too.