Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Beatles Party in over view

 (click the pictures to see clear image. For some reason they are showing up blurry, but they aren't...ok well some are, but most aren't.)

Tonight was all about this lady.


She turned 60 this week.

I don't know anyone who would not say undoubtedly that their lives are better because she is part of it.

She LOVES The Beatles!

So a Beatles party is was.

 Beatles lyrics in the trees

 Mason jar lanterns

Abby Road on their drive way

A Beatles rock concert in the yard! That part was incredible!!!!!! My step siblings are amazing musicians and entertained us with an incredible Beatles program for over an hour. It made the whole night. Dancing, singing, crying. Just magical.

They are so professional.They had everything, lights, amazing foot pedal thingies. And do you know what? They only practiced these songs ONCE and the last time they had played together before that was 8 months ago. Incredible.

 Sorry, I tried to load a video...but I'm not getting it to work. Boo.

The best part is that Emma loved it!!!! Hooray!

There are a TON more pictures of the little details. Fun Beatles themed food. Lots more Abby road shots and a tutorial for the lyrics in the trees.

But it's late and I took over 180 and pictures.

But I'll leave you with two more.

Happy Birthday, Emma!!!!!


Danica said...

So fun! I love the Abby Road!

April Weeks said...

All your hard work was very worth it. It all looks wonderful.

Greg & Lyndi Daly said...

What a wonderful party! You worked really hard and it showed! Good job em!