Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sad Change and assurance

We have decided to switch piano teachers. We LOVE our current piano teacher, Jana, but she is in Kaysville and the drive was proving too much.

I confirmed with the new piano teacher, Wendy, today, on our way up to piano lessons with Jana (are you confused yet?) that Karaia and Beckham will be starting on Friday.

The timing could not have been worse. I decided to break the news to the kids right after I found out....five minutes away from Jana's house. I didn't want Jana to go through all the work of assigning and explaining next week's lessons when we wouldn't be coming. The kids were devastated. They had no clue that I had even been looking for a new, closer, teacher.

In my defense, I just assumed we would be put on a waiting list and THEN I would tell the kids that shortly we would be getting a new teacher. I had no idea it would be so streamlined. 

After the lesson, the kids gave Jana a hug and then tearfully climbed into the van and again expressed their dislike of the whole situation. I tried my best to explain my reasoning.

"Guys, it was just too far. Like last week, when you were sick. If our piano lessons were closer I would have been able to run the other person to piano and left the sickie for 5 or 10 mins. But last week we had to cancel because leaving someone home for a half hour is not an option."

Beckham quickly pointed out an obvious flaw in my ruling, " But Mom, I know Tae Kwon Do. You could have left me. I'm a white belt. A HIGH white belt. "

It's good to know he feels that he could handle protecting himself if it came right down to it.


Anonymous said...

Way to be dedicated, Em. I'm proud of you. Stick with piano! Change is rough. I hope it works out. Beckham cracks me up.

April Weeks said...

I bet Jana was sad too. and I just thought.. I won't get to see my old boss at recitals. boo. (I know... it's not about me.) I would have made the same choice. I hope they/you love the other teacher as well.