Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Early morning antics

Typically, my mom ears don't let me miss a sound my children make during the night. I must have been really tired this morning.

Kevin said he heard Tennyson moving around about 6 am this morning, but he wasn't awake enough to fully register what that might mean. I heard nothing. Tennyson has a rule that he is not allowed to come out of his room until his clock, a colorful, digital one keep by his bed, has a 7 in the front.

At about 7:30, Karaia came in to tell me that at 6:20 Tennyson had woken her up because he had been trying to feed Ferb and accidentally let him in and he was unable to catch him. She told him he was up too early. His responded by telling her, "Don't worry. My clock said 6 in front so I changed it to a 7."

We also realized, deduced by a small trail of dried instant oatmeal, that he had gotten himself breakfast.

Someday he will use his early morning risings for good. For now, I better make sure my mom ears are working.