Friday, April 12, 2013

Made Good

Sanders turned 4 on March 2. We had his friend party today.

Yes, a whole month and a half late. However, I am going to focus on the part one which he did, in fact, have a friend party to celebrate turning 4.

It was a balloon party with balloon type games and 9 three, four, and five year olds. I think they had fun.

This cold has really impeded my life the last three days. I'm quite useless by the time Kevin gets home. It's all I could do to be "the mom" when he's not.

My sweet friend, Nicki, brought dinner over last night because we were all as soccer games until about 7pm. She new I wasn't feeling well. I told Kevin she was bringing something over. His immediate reply, "You have really good friends." I completely agree with him.

I'm willing any illness to be gone by tomorrow. Too much to do.

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