Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cutting Cement

On Saturday we rented a cement saw and cut the holes for the posts, marked by the red squares.

He was pretty proud of himself :)

We also started cutting into our home to be able to house a ledger board.  They didn't get all the way done because the saw stopped working. 

This was definitely a two person job. Kevin held it on his shoulders and Dave guided the blade.

We better do this for real now 'cause we just cut into our bricks. 

Sometimes being a grownup is really weird.


Tobi said...

So exciting! And I love that you are cutting cement barefoot. :/

Colle said...

How exciting! I am with Tobi I loved that you were using a saw barefoot.

Ellis said...

First I think it's funny that now the first three comments are about your bare feet. I'm all for bare feet as you know but seriously I think when using a saw it's a good time to put on some shoes ;-)