Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Routines are best

While my personality shies away from routine, the more years I live the more I accept that routines help my life run smoothly.

Today had anything but a routine. I got a TON done. PYP will be part of SNAP, a blogger conference, and I've been getting everything gathered and ready for that. But the every day stuff got crammed into corners and I could tell it was harder for me to maintain the atmosphere I wanted.

I was so thankful for the new chore chart! It helped the kids stay on task. Although there was whining, they still got it done. Karaia and Beckham even set their alarms early so they would have more time to get to level 2!


April Weeks said...

Your house reflects the chore chart's success I believe. It looked great when I was there today.

Anonymous said...

I used to think my mom was funny and perhaps a little OCD with all her routines--specific laundry day, set breakfast menu, Dick's Market always on Thursday, etc. The farther into this motherhood thing I get I'm realizing routines mean survival and I find myself thinking my mom was BRILLIANT. Now I copy her. :)