Monday, April 15, 2013

Bumpy Start

Ok, job chart status.

It's going to be really good. Riiiiiight after we get over the learning curve/Mom-has-ridiculously-high-expectations-for-how-her-children-will-behave-even-though-they-are-still-little-and-should-be-given-some-slack factor.

It really went OK. They were just kind of slow about the whole thing, which honestly is to be expected. They are still learning the system and it's the novelty to go to the chart and just stare at it for awhile while the absorbing all it's goodness in. They didn't throw any fits about it, well Sanders did, but it took them longer to do the jobs they always do in the morning. I know it will get faster. Let's just say my goal for a kind voice all week is off to a bumpy start.

Sanders threw a fit when we got to the homework and practice portion. I think mainly because he didn't remember what we had discussed last night and he thought it was going to be beyond his abilities. Once we got started with it he seemed happy to jump right in and get it done.

When he got to level 2 he was SO happy and began to rattle off all the of the privileges he had earned. Karaia and Beckham were happy with him and Tennyson was ticked off because it was time to go to school and he couldn't finish his level 1.

Over all, I think it's going to be really good. Again, it seems it's mostly me that has the biggest learning curve. At least I know it.


Ellis said...

FYI when I volunteered at Kindergarten this morning the first thing Tennyson talked to me about was his new job chart and how he was going to get his level 2 and what privileges that ment he would have and how excited he was about his new chart. That is SUCCESS enough for the first day!

Skye O. said...

ooh sounds like a great system.

April Weeks said...

I agree with Nicki.