Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pouring Cement

We poured cement for the new deck posts today.

It is wonderful to have family who is so willing to help out with our big projects! Especially when that means extra cousin time and staying up a little later on a school night :)

We really are so grateful to Dave for his skills and knowledge and Alex and Jeremy for taking time out of their weeks to lend a hand.

Cement in the post holes meant that the little boys and I had the fun adventure of driving Candace and Jim's truck (thank you!) to Layton to get this pre-mixed cement bad boy hooked up to the hitch.

I think this was possibly the first time I have ever pulled something, maybe not, but it's certaintly been more years than I can number since the last time. Not to mention that truck is a whooooooole lot bigger than it seems from the outside. It's like a Mary Poppins carpet bag truck.

I'll let you mull that analogy over for a second.

The thing has TWO mirror on each of it's side mirrors or else you would always run into people. It took a second to get used to that and I would have a mini panic attack when I would try to switch lanes and realize I could  not see around my blind spots. Then of course I would switch my brain from automatic to manual and realize the blazing thing has a total of FOUR side mirrors for that very reason.

 I never feared for my life. That thing is a tank. I was afraid I was going to crush someone else.

Once they hooked up the pre-mixed cement trailer I was instructed that I could only travel 35 mph and I was not to take it on the freeway under any condition. Truthfully, I wasn't too sad about that because although I had begun to hone my carpet bag truck driving skills a bit more practice at slower speeds and two lane roads was welcomed.

I am happy and pleased to report that we made it home with out anything interesting to record :)

1/2 yard of pre-mixed cement

Sanders was off playing somewhere and Beckham had just left for baseball practice.

Beckham was at baseball practice when I was taking these pictures and then I had to go to Young Women's . Thank you Meghan for watching the kids!!! That was a huge help. We really have the best kind of family.

It was too dark to take pictures of the finished product, but hand prints were made and names and a date were inscribed.

SO nice to have this step done!

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Rachel Benson said...

It is so nice when you can get family to help with big home projects. My sister is trying to decide if they should pour cement by themselves. Was it hard to to lay the cement by yourself? It seems like a lot of work but might easier if you could find some helping hands.