Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Now that life has slowed down to a normal rush as opposed to crazy break neck speed, I've noticed changes.

My house is cleaner because of the new chore chart. Thank goodness! I am calmer for the same reason.

I've also thought about this little blog. My voice has changed over the years. I'm not sure I like that much. Then again, growing and changing aren't bad things as long as they are for the better.

I wonder if my voice has changed for the better.

I'm more guarded than when I first started. I don't like that part at all, but growing up means learning when and when not to spill your guts...I suppose.

Relationships have changed. Some for the better and some I wish I could turn back the clock.

We are doing a whole lot of this these days.

Karaia, Beckham, and Tennyson all have soccer on Thursdays at three different schools. Kevin is the coach of Beckham's team and Tennyson is too little to be left alone which means we try hard to enlist the help of a grandparent to cheer Karaia on, but often that little love of ours plays her games without family watching. It's very heart breaking for me. Thankfully, all of her friend's parents cheer for everyone on the team. It's something, but it's not what I would choose.

We got to help out a friend today which means having friends for the boys over. Usually when these particular boys get together with my particular boys you have to be on your A Game or your house or one of the boys will be destroyed. They are very well behaved as brothers, but the 4 of them together feed off  of the little boy energy oozing from their pores.

Today they were amazing. Still energetic and full of life and light, but it wasn't out of control energy. We would have loved to have them all day.

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April Weeks said...

I'm free most Thursday if I can help with the soccer thing.