Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deck Demolition

I honestly can't remember what happened on Friday so we are going to skip straight to Saturday :)

Deck demolition! 

This was a very long, very productive day. 

Here are a few before pictures.

That post will hold the new stairs up

First railing off!

It was so nice to have kids who were old enough and wanted to help.

Everyone took a turn.

In the middle of demo our new deck showed up!

It doesn't look like much on the truck, but it's going to be beautiful.

They dropped of three pallets with a fork lift.

After a lot of debate and bids from everywhere, we are really loving working with Lowe's.

The Trex pieces are turned upside down. We are going with the Rope Swing color

It's still early in the day so every one is still all smiles ;)

And has enough energy to be silly.

Best. Sanders. Face. Ever!

Or is it this one? Any one else think that Beckham looks like a picture Grandpa Jim probably has of himself somewhere?

Kevin and I moved every. single. board. from the driveway into our garage. It took us an hour and a half and I will tell you that I used my weight lifting skills for most of that time. That stuff was heavy!

 These pictures really do not do the amount of material justice!

I thought this was very fitting.

Back to work. Although, working with power tools is always fun.

We had to remove all the screws and nails and take the boards of one by one because we are reusing the joists.

We also removed all of the nails from the balisters. Karaia and Beckham were a HUGE help with this! Again, so nice to be able to do this with older children. 

The railings are gone!

One more before picture. 

 It kind of looks like the railings burst away from the deck.

 This is where we stopped at the end of the day.

We will finish the demo this week and then Saturday we get to start building!!! We are not turning any helpers away if you feel the need to build something ;)

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Ellis said...

Your house lately is definatelly a place where dreams are BECOMING realities!!! You are amazing! I love all the kids helping with the drilling!! Can't wait to see the new deck in place!!